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I'm an actual drawing

I'm an actual drawing

I'm an actual pastel to be created using a singular subject. Chalk pastel on paper. Can be abstracted or realistic. Size 16" X 18".

  • Drawn portrait section

    I'm a chalk pastel product. This is created from your choice of image, then it is placed on your choice of paper. This example is one of my favorites, brown drawing paper. I love how the colors stand out on the surface. There is such terrific contrast. On average, these are approximately 16" x 18" in size which helps when choosing a mat or frame. They are sealed with a UV protective and archival product to ensure it's protection in most environments.

  • Terms and Conditions

    I’m the Terms and Conditions section. We at White Dog Studio endeavor to create high quality and unique artworks. Each one is handcrafted with care. If you are dissatistified with the final product, please feel free to contact me and we will make appropriate arrangement to handle the issue. The copyrights to White Dog creations remain with the creator and studio, however, if you wish to own the image outright, please state that in the initial inquiry.

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